Mercury Bravo Three XR®

This robust set of counter rotating, stainless steel propellers was designed for use on big boats with big power. A large diameter four-blade front propeller coupled with a smaller diameter, three-blade rear propeller provides unmatched acceleration, tracking and handling. Enormous cup built in to the trailing edges of both front and rear props results with tremendous planing performance and enhanced fuel economy. The enhanced cup is especially useful for high torque diesel applications.

An upgrade from the standard Bravo Three propellers to the Pro Finished Bravo Three XR props will result in one inch pitch decrease to match the same RPM. The decrease in pitch may result in 3-5 mph increase at cruise with 1-2 mph increase in top-end speed.

Key Features

  • Zero balanced Pro Finish prop set.
  • Left-hand, 4-blade forward and right-hand, 3-blade rear propellers.
  • Enhanced blade cup for improved planing performance and fuel economy.
  • Recommended for 260-350 H.P. diesel and 260-525 H.P. gasoline engines.
  • Fit for use on standard Bravo Three, Bravo Three X and Bravo Three XR drives.
  • Sets available from 21" to 28" pitch.

Diameter15" - 16"
Pitch21", 22", 23", 24", 25", 26", 27", 28"
RotationCounter Rotation

  • For sport cruisers, performance deck and pontoon boats, stepped vee and air entrapment hulls.
  • Designed to run 50+ MPH with maximum boat control.
  • Reduces slip for improved cruising & top end speeds.

PitchDiameterBladesPart Number
Price: POA AUD
Brand: Mercury
Model: Bravo Three XR®
Length: -
Year: 2018
Condition: New
State: Queensland

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