HaloTM sees all the way across the bay From Pax River, HaloTM sees all the way across the Cheasapeake Bay(1) and detects storms over Cambridge, Maryland(2) 300ft and up to 72nm - same time & screen HaloTM lets you see near and far in Dual Range mode, with competely independent split-screen displays.Note a remarkably small 20ft main bang area(1) Track multiple high-speed targetsWith high-speed operation, Halo shows target trails of four fast-moving jet skis in Clearwater, Florida harbour. Monitor far-away weather cells HaloTM sees weather cells 65NM away (3), giving you a real-time view of rough weather long before you encounter it. Superior target separation HaloTM shows clear separation of even the smallest targets, as seen in this sailing dingy race. Birdfinder radarBirds mean fish, and Halo's dedicated BIRD mode means it's easy to find flocks of birds from a distance. Birds are visible at 3.5nm here, with no high-gain screen clutter thanks to Halo Radar's advanced DSP. Solid-State with Pulse Compression Technology Simrad Halo Radar is the world